Volkswagen Value

Volkswagen cars are some of the most popular in the UK, from it’s great value family cars to it’s iconic models such as the Beetle, Volkswagen has long been a favourite with the British public. Of course the value of your Volkswagen depends on many factors, from what model you have, what year it was made it, it’s milage, condition, colour and features, amongst others. The best way of finding the exact value is using the form on this site which uses the registration plate details to bring up to relevant information.

The Volkswagen Golf is one of VW’s most popular cars and has been a bestseller since 1974 when it was first manufactured. Being a great car for a small family and relatively affordable, it’s also front wheel drive which was the initial reason for Volkswagen bringing the model out to differentiate it from the rear wheel drive Beetle. If you’re selling the 2012 model you’ll likely get about £20,500 for it, dropping down to about £8,000 for the 2008 model, £5000 for the 2004 model and £4250 for the 2001 model. For the Golf GTI you’re looking at about £26500 for the 2012 model, £11,500 for the 2008, and £7000 for the 2005 models. For the Golf Plus about £19,000 for the 2012, £10,500 for the 2009 and £6500 for the 2006 models. And finally for the Golf TDI about £20,000 for the 2012 model, £14,000 for the 2010, £9000 for the 2008 and £5500 for the 2004 model.

The Volkswagen Beetle is definitely the most iconic car that Volkswagen ever produced. While the design has changed a bit over time some of the aesthetic features remain consistent. The 2012 model second hand is worth about £19,500, while by 2012 you’re looking at a drop to £11,000, roughly £9200 for the 2008 model and £5000 for the 2004 model. Of course all the valuations are rough figures as there’s obviously lots of variation in features and condition – it’s always best to use the registration form above to get a customised valuation for an accurate measure of value for your car.

The Volkswagen Passat might be a less iconic car, but it sells as well as the other Volkswagen brands and for good reason: it’s an all round great family car. The design has changed massively over time, keeping up with current trends in car design. For a 2012 model you’re looking at about £23,000 second hand, dropping to £13,500 for the 2010 model, £8500 for the 2008 model and £3500 for the 2004 model.

And who could forget Volkswagen’s lower cost car, the Polo. For a 2012 model you’re still looking at about £12,000, dropping to about £10,500 for the 2011 model, before falling to £9000 for the 2010 model and by 2008 being about £6500. The 2004 model is only worth a little under £4000 despite being a great runner, which actually compared favourably with some of their more expensive cars which after the same age are worth about the same as a Polo.