Value My Volvo

Volvo’s remain one of the most popular car brands in the United Kingdom despite their understated design. They are one of the best value retainers of all cars as they have such a strong reputation for reliability as well as because their typical buyer isn’t as interested in owning the latest model for purely the sake of having the latest model as happens with flashier brands.

The Volvo C30 is Volvo’s answer to the supermini class of cars, effectively being a hatchback version of other models such as the S40, V50 and C70. It’s a departure from Volvo’s traditional market being largely aimed at the young and young at heart. To get a precise value as for any car you need to input data about condition and features which you can do using our valuation tool, just fill in your registration in the form on this page to get started and we’ll give you a more precise value than these averages. The average value second hand for a C30 made in 2012 is about £17,000, falling for a 2011 model to about £15,500. By 2010 it’s down to £13,000 and then £10,500 for a 2009 model, £9500 for a 2008 model and a tad over £8000 for a 2007 version. This represents great value retension compared with lots of similar cars by other manufacturers.

Another unusual Volvo is their coupé the Volvo C70. The values on this car don’t stay as strong as long as on some other volvo models, so while the 2012 model sold second hand will fetch roughly £26,000 and the 2011 model will fetch £23,500 you’re down to £15,000 by the 2009 model, £12,500 for the 2008 version and a thousand pounds less than this for the 2007 model. This is probably due to designs of this type of car changing with fashion more than other types of Volvo thus influencing their value.

A more traditional Volvo, although a Saloon rather than the estate cars they are more famous for, is the S40. It’s a great seller and retains value relatively well, although not as well as Volvo used to. The 2012 model second hand gets about £17,500 dropping £1500 for the 2011 model. By 2010 we’re looking at more like £12,500 for your car, which is £2000 more than you’ll get for a 2009 model. A 2008 model will bring you a touch under £8000 and a 2007 model a touch over £7000. In 2004 you’ll be looking at much less though, at just over £3000.

The V70 is one of the classic Volvos being an estate car with the stylish Volvo look that never goes out of fashion. The design has changed a bit over the last few years but they are all recognisable as the same car model. One from this year will get you about £25,000, from 2010 about £16,000, from 2008 about £12,000 and from 2004 about £5000. Their not holding value as they once did but some of this is due to the changes in design meaning people want to ensure their car doesn’t look dated.