Tips for Selling Quickly

Most people who are selling their car are doing so in order to improve their cash flow. Maybe you’re not in a financial emergency, maybe you are, but you are more likely to be selling your car for some timely liquidity than to turn a profit.

In these circumstances, the fastest way of selling your car is to use a car buying service unless you already have a buyer lined up. This is a provable fact. Parking your car up with a sign or waiting for someone to bite from a classified ad is statistically unlikely to be as quick as using a buying service who buy up cars as part of their daily order of business. Bearing this in mind, however, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to speed up the process even further and make sure that your car is sold as soon as you need it to be.

The first important thing to think about when you come to sell your car is your log book. Do you know where it is? Yes, it’s probably in a neglected corner of a never opened cupboard but are you absolutely sure you can put your hand to it on the day you need it? You need to be certain that you have your log book because if you have lost it it can take several weeks to have a new one issued. As such digging out the log book well in advance is step one of making sure your car sells quickly. If you find it and the details are wrong then unless this is because you have changed your name due to marriage then you will need to order a new one anyway. And this raises another issue; you may need to take the perhaps unprecedented step of finding your marriage certificate again.

Other documents that we will need when you bring your car for inspection include photo ID and two proofs of address. If you don’t tend to keep your bills or bank statements (and shame on you!) then you may need to order one and wait for them to come before you can bring your car to us for sale. As soon as you have all the documents in order you will be able to arrange an appointment for the car to be inspected and then payment to be released to you immediately.

If you are desperate to have your car sold quickly arranging an appointment sooner rather than later is essential. For reasons that should be obvious there are more near appointments available with us on weekdays while most people are at work so if you can arrange some time off work to make an appointment you could potentially have your car sold far sooner than otherwise. This is the best way of doing it. Making sure you enter your license plate number above, book a pointment, and get all of your documents in order as soon as humanly possible.