The Easy Way to Sell Your Car Online

In the past selling your car was an exercise that demanded a lot of patience and inside knowledge. Price differences between different free ads magazines, rip-off used car dealerships and the lack of any way of getting a reliable estimate of your car’s value made the whole process a minefield. The most desperate park their car up in a public space with a notice in the window and hope for someone to bite. Thankfully, these days are now finally over.  It took a while but finally getting a reliable estimate for your car and selling it online securely and safely has been made easy, the whole process streamlined.

The first step to doing this is to enter your license plate in the form at the top of the page. Our automated service then searches a database to work out a few of the most important factors determining your car’s value. You will probably already be aware that your license plate contains details of the year when your car manufactured but did you know it also includes the manufacturer itself and even its colour. On the basis of this information we can begin to work out the current market value of your car.

We will need a few more specifics before we finalise this figure, however, to help us to figure out what sort of condition your vehicle is in. Mileage is essential as it provides a way of estimating general wear and tear. After that we will ask you to estimate how good its condition is in various regards and give you a value on the basis of this estimate. There’s no point exaggerating as these details will all be checked before you are given any money for your car whatsoever.

Once we’ve got all these details we’ll send you an email with a rough quote of what we think your car is worth. If you choose to accept that quote then you will be asked to book an appointment for the vehicle to be inspected and exchanged for the cash at one of our depots. If you decide the amount we quote isn’t right for you, however, then no problem! There is no commitment involved in putting your registration number in the form above and anyone is allowed to request a quote whether they intend to sell or not.

When you attend your appointment with us you will be asked to bring photo ID, two documents to prove your address (including a gas or electric bill) dated from within the previous three months.  This address must match up to the address on your log book or you will not be legally allowed to sell your car so if this is not currently the case you will need to plan in advance and get it changed. If your name has changed because of marriage then you can avoid this by bringing our marriage certificate with you but if it has done so for any other reason then this will have to be changed and will take slightly more time.