Suzuki Value

If you’ve got a Suzuki you’re looking to sell but want to know it’s value then this page is exactly where you need to be. First though, if you want to get a truly accurate picture rather than averages for your model and year you can use our interactive tool. Start by placing your registration plate number into the form and clicking go, this will speed up the process by getting your year and model for us.

Suzuki is a Japanese motor company as famous for its motorbikes as its cars. Nevertheless they’re the 9th largest car maker in the world and made almost three million cars last year. Let’s start with one of their cheapest cars, the Suzuki Alto. If you’ve got one you purchased this year you want to sell second hand you’re looking at a value of around £6500. The same goes for a 2011 model, and for a 2010 one the price tag you should sell it for is a little under £6000 – if you got one in the first year, 2009, then a bit of £5000 would be appropriate.

The Suzuki Grand Vitara has been around a little bit longer and is a more expensive car. But it’s still great value for an off road vehicle and has a great reputation. The 2012 version second hand fetches roughly £16,000, dropping by £1500 for the 2011 version. By 2010 things have dropped to £11,500 which isn’t that big a drop compared with many vehicles of this age. If you’re selling your 2009 model you should be looking at a price tag of about £10,000. By 2004 the second hand values are down to £4000, but for a car produced the best part of a decade ago this isn’t bad at all.

Another SUV style vehicle from Suzuki is the Jimny. These are your classic Safari-style SUVs that are popular throughout the world. A 2012 model going second hand will get you about £11,000, dropping to £8000 for the 2009 model and a bit under £6000 for a 2006 model. If your hanging on to your 2003 model don’t threat too much, you’ll still get a tad under £4000 for it second hand.

If you’re Suzuki car is actually a car rather than an SUV the chances are they you might have a Suzuki Swift. This supermini car has proved very popular as a great little runner and maintains value really well. The 2012 model second hand will get you about £10,000, falling about £1000 to £9000 for the 2011 model. The drops a bit more to the 2010 model which goes for about £7000, but only drops £500 for the 2009 model to £6500. By 2007 you’d be look at a bit of £5000 and for a 2005 model a bit over £4000.

If we haven’t listed your Suzuki in this article your best bet is to go and use the registration plate tool on this site which can quickly get the info we need about your car and query our price database to get your a valuation for your car.