Sell my Car

Nobody likes selling their car. Sometimes you’ll be doing it because you’re in urgent financial need or otherwise you’re selling it because it’s on its last legs and you need the money from the sale to fund the purchase of a new car. In the circumstances, the last thing you need is for it to take for ever to get some money for it but this is exactly how traditional methods of selling your car worked. Placing a sign in the window was always a long shot and the odds of anyone buying it within a few weeks are low. Similarly, putting an ad in auto trader or other car classifieds where the number of sellers far outweighs the number of buyers is bound to lead to a to a bad price – it’s a question of supply and demand.

This is where car buying services come in. Not only do they guarantee a sale instantly (usually inspected and processed within a week of you entering your car registration number in the box above) but they offer a standardised price that is the same nation wide meaning you won’t be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous used car dealer whose prices may have as much to do with how he feels that day as the value of the car. Once you’ve entered your licence number we will use it look at all the details of the car and ask you a few additional questions about what condition it is in overall before sending you a quote by email.

This quote is entirely obligation free and once you have received it you may either end the process there or choose to accept it and get rid of your car for that price within just a few days. The next step after that is simply to set an appointment with us as soon as possible when we will check the car is as you have described and then send the cash to your bank account immediately. If you want to make sure it arrives in your account the same day this is also possible for a small fee.

Another service we offer is the opportunity for you to sell your car while it is still subject to a finance arrangement. This involves us offering you a quote on your car and then paying off the finance arrangement that you have agreed with some of the money from the sale, and forwarding you the difference. Sometimes this is a slower way of doing things than simply borrowing the money to pay it off yourself but this is not possible for everyone making our process the only way we know of that you can legally sell your car while still on finance.

Once you’ve brought your car in for the appointment along with all the necessary documents (your log book, photo id, possibly marriage certificate, two proofs of address) the only thing that remains for you to do is to get some sort of transport home and then wait for the money to arrive in your bank.