Renault Value

Renault is a French car manufacturer headquartered at Boulogne-Billancourt, France and one of only three current major car manufacturers based in the country (the other two being Citroen and Peugeot). French cars typically depreciate much more quickly than their German rivals with the Citroen C6 classing as the fastest depreciating car in history, for instance. Renault is no exception and many of the cars described below depreciate far more quickly than one might like.


The Renault Megane is a good example of this quick depreciation. It’s a popular car that’s been around a while and comes in many different varieties – a three door or five door, and in hatchback, saloon, coupe, estate and convertible body types. Yet despite or perhaps because of this popularity it depreciates far quicker than a comparable Audi or Mercedes. For instance, a Renault Megane bought used in 2012 would set you back £15,095 and yet one made just four years earlier in 2008 will sell for just £5,393 or just over a third of that initial second hand value. Compare this to almost any Audi or Mercedes and they will genuinely lose half of their second hand value in a similar period.


Furthermore, within ten years the Renault Megane is down to just £1,910 and is essentially being sold as if it were little more than a banger. If you are looking to purchase a car, then, that you are hoping to keep for ten years and then sell then you are throwing your money away with a Renault or with any French car in general.


Another Renault model is the Renault Scenic and although it has slightly better figures than the Megane it still depreciates relatively quickly. This car was discontinued in 2011 but a 2011 version currently in 2012 will sell for an average price of around £11,875 whereas a 2007 version will go for around £4,680 on average. This is a reduction of roughly 60% in four years which is not the worst ever but is still not particularly good relative to other car brands on the market.


Finally, the Renault Laguna which ceased production in 2010 is another of Renault’s more popular models. The 2010 version now sells for £10,655  whereas the 2008 version typically goes for around £5,970. Not only does that mean the price almost halves in those two years but a 2012 version would no doubt have decreased far more rapidly if the trend were extended upwards. A Renault Laguna made nearly ten years ago in 2003 will now be worth a similar amount to the Renault Megane in the same time period, £1,850 .


Overall, then, Renault cars tend to age badly and the more popular models of Renault are certainly no exception. If you are planning on buying a Megane, Scenic, or Laguna then your car is likely to depreciate at a rate that is relatively high compared to much of the rest of the market. Nevertheless they remain popular family cars and are, as a result of their quick depreciation, highly competitive as second hand purchases.