Mercedes Value

Mercedes Benz is a German manufacturer of mass market and luxury cars as well as trucks, buses and vans. They are headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and have been making cars since as long ago as 1886 when they were responsible for manufacturing the first ever automobile. A Mercedes car will tend to lose its value much less quickly than many of those manufactured by its American competitors due to the perceived superiority of German-made cars. However, Mercedes ranks similarly to other German car makers such as Audi with most of its cars losing just over half of their value after just four years of use.


For instance, it is possible to buy a used Mercedes S Class produced in 2012 for £56,044 in 2012 whereas the same model of car manufactured in 2009 would now cost just £27,326, less than half of what it sold for used in the first year after its manufacture within three years. Meanwhile, a Mercedes M Class loses its value even more quickly with the used value for a car registered in 2012 being £51,025 and the used value for a car registered in 2008 standing at just £21,619 four years later in 2012. This is a loss of quite a bit more than fifty percent of its value in an equal amount of time.


Within 8 years, if the present value of M Class cars made in 2004 is any indication, a Mercedes M Class will be worth just £8,575 or less. On the plus side, this means that old Mercedes cars which have been kept in good condition will often represent excellent value for money. If a car has a lower than average mileage for its age but is selling for roughly the average price then this likely means that it is a good deal to consider.


Bucking the trend is the Mercedes CLK. This model ceased production in 2009 and a 2009 version will set you back just £15,851 whereas a version from four years before in 2005 will cost £9,175 which is over half of the value of the newest version. This would seem to imply that the Mercedes CLK and, incidentally, the Mercedes C, is depreciating at a slightly slower rate than other types of Mercedes. The Mercedes Sprinter has also preserved its value reasonably well with a 2010 model selling for £13,580 and a 2007 model three years older still selling for £8,487 or well over half that amount.


As ever, German brands are considered by many to be a happy middle ground between the value for money represented by American brands and the longevity in a Japanese car. They do not lose their value as quickly as the worst but neither do they keep it as well as the best. One disadvantage, however, of Mercedes Benz as a brand is that their car parts are notoriously expensive and so if you want to keep your car in good working order a healthy chunk of the savings represented by your car holding its value will need to be spent on expensive car parts.