Mazda Value

Mazda is one of the largest and oldest car companies in the world, producing over a million cars a year largely in its Japanese homeland. Mazda cars continue to be highly popular with British consumers. Mazda’s models are mostly simply numbers apart from their CX7 and MX5 models. We don’t have time to list every model and the price each year of production goes for in this article, the best way of getting an accurate picture for your car is to use our form which queries a database of cars and a database of current values. The form’s on this page, just type in your registration plate number and click the submit button.

Mazda 2, also known as the Mazda Demio, is Mazda’s subcompact car that they’ve been making since 1996. It’s also sometimes known by it’s previous name, the Mazda 121. The 2012 model is worth about £10,500 second hand, falling to about £9500 for the 2011 model. By 2010 the price has fallen further to £8000 and then another thousand pounds lower if you’ve got a 2009 model. From then until 2007 the price drops are £500 a year.

The Mazda 3 is the compact car offered by Mazda, known elsewhere as the Mazda Axela. The 2012 version second hand gets about £15,000 falling to about £13,000 for the 2011 version. By the 2010 version you’re looking at getting about £10,500 for your car second hand, dropping to somewhere over £9000 for the 2009 model and about £7000 for the 2008 one. £5500 is what you’re looking at if you’ve got one manufactured in 2007, and if your car rolled off the production line in 2006 it’s worth about £4500 today and you can take away another £500 from the price you’ll likely get if it’s a year old than that.

The Mazda 5 (also known as Mazda Premacy) is another compact car made by Mazda, but with a different design and feel to the Mazda 3 meaning it works much better as a family car. One made this year would fetch about £20,500 second hand, falling to about £15,000 for a 2011 model – quite a drop. Another big drop to the 2009 model which goes for about £9500 while the 2008 model fetches about £7500 and the 2006 version £6500. The car isn’t the best value maintainer, but it’s still a great family car.

Mazda’s mid-sized car is the Mazda 6 or Mazda Atenza. If your selling one made this year you’re looking at just over £17,000 second hand value, falling to about £15,000 for the 2011 model and £12,000 for the 2010 model. Big jumps, but cars always lose most of their value in the first few years. By 2006 this model is worth about £4500 and if you’ve got a 2008 model you’ll be looking about £2500 second hand.

If we haven’t mentioned your model or you want a far more accurate picture of your cars worth then use our interactive tool. To get started simply put your registration plate number into the form on this page and click the button to find out the exact worth of your car.