Honda Value

Honda make some of the most popular cars sold in the UK today and are one of the largest Japanese car makers. Their cars are known for their quality of components and often will stand the test of time well. As with all cars there’s a significant drop in value in the first few years, but things tend to decline more slowly after that. We’ll look at all Honda models individually here, but the best way of getting a price on your exact model is to use the registration plate form on this page as we don’t have time to discuss all models and years without making a unusually large table here. The form uses our data to give you a more precise figure for your car.

First lets look at the value of a Honda Accord. This is a great little runner that’s been in production since 1982. Despite it’s Japanese origins it’s now manufactured across the world and is one of the best selling cars in many countries, including the United States. While not quite as popular here as it is there, they do seem to hold value well. A 2012 model second hand will still fetch about £22,000. Going back to 2010 you’ll be looking at a touch under £15,000 dropping to a touch over £10,000 for a 2010 Honda Accord. By the 2005 model we’re down to £5000.

Honda is well known for its compact cars and the Honda Civic is perhaps the best known of these. It’s generally not as upmarket as the Accord but is higher in value than the Fit. One produced in 2012 will fetch second hand around £18,500, but this drops fast to 2010 when you’ll be only looking at a touch under £12,000. The drop slows a little for a 2008 model which is worth today roughly £8500 while a 2005 model will get you a bit over £4000 and a 2003 model around £3000. If you’re wanting exact values if we haven’t mentioned your year or want your features taken into account then just use our form that uses your registration plate details to get the relevant info we need to provide you with an accurate valuation.

Honda made waves a few years ago by introducing a relatively cheap hybrid card which uses an electric as well as a conventional motor. The Honda Insight has proved popular both with those who care about reducing emissions and those who want a great compact car. The 2012 model when sold second hand gets around £17,000, dropping to £14,000 for the previous years model. A 2010 model drops a significant amount from the year after again to just shy of £11,000 while a 2009 model will get you about £9500 currently. Of course this all depends on what features you have, what milage is on the car and what condition it’s in. If you want to find yourself a precise value we’ve got the form and we highly recommend you use it, and also use it if we’ve been unable to list your model or year in this article.