How do I get my money?

Once you’ve attended your appointment and the car is inspected then the payment is released to you on the same day. Depending on how fast or slow your bank is this could mean you receive the money in your account either on the same day or up to four days later. If you would like to pay about twenty five quid for a same day payment then that’s usually possible if you ask early enough in the process.

How can I sell a car with payments still to be made on it?

The legality of this issue is simple – you can’t sell on a car that you haven’t fully paid off. At the same time, if you would like us to pay off the finance arrangement using part of the value we would have paid for the car then that is usually possible. If, on the other hand, you want to pay it off yourself you will need to be able to satisfy us that this is done by bringing along some documents to prove it.

Can I sell someone else’s vehicle?

No. This is one of the silliest questions we get asked. You cannot sell your spouse or family member or son or daughter’s car unless you are listed as the official owner. This is something that we will confirm by asking to see the vehicle log book. If you are selling the car on their behalf it will still be essential  that we confirm their identity and this is only usually possible in exceptional circumstances. If you feel that your case is unusual then mention it during the process and we will see what we can do.

What happens after the sale?

After the sale you go home and wait for the money to clear to the bank. Obviously you will have to leave your car with us where we will spruce it up and attempt to resell it for a profit. Getting home is something you will need to take into consideration, however, when we tell you where to bring your car. There may be a bus stop near by or you may alternatively have to get a lift from a friend or book a taxi. Or you could cycle.

Do I really need to bring along the log book? What if I’ve lost it?

We can’t change this requirement. We need to see the log book before we purchase the car as this is the law and has been for a long time. If you’ve lost your log book or if the name on it needs to be changed then you will have to request a new one from the DVLA by filling in a form. They will usually send one out within a couple of weeks but best done sooner rather than later as this delays the process far longer than it usually lasts. One exception to this rule is when a name has changed because of marriage, in which case the marriage case needs to be brought along with the log book.