Cleaning a car for sale

When preparing your car there is probably no more economical way of adding value to it than to give it a good old clean. Considering how little the cost of cleaning is when compared with the difference it can make to the car’s sale price. There are those who have calculated that it can make a difference of up to ten percent of the value that you sell your car for. The reason for this is that when people are assessing used cars it is usually not on the basis of an in-depth examination of the engine and mechanical parts. People assessing used cars are trying to figure out how they feel about it, and how much effort they are going to have to put into doing it up, on the basis of its appearance. Whilst you may think this is superficial it is a fact of life and so it is best allowed for when you are preparing your car for sale.

For this reason, when cleaning your car for sale you may consider purchasing a professional valeting and detailing service. You should see this as an investment in which the return in terms of the second hand value of your car is projected to far outweigh your expenditure. The cost of a car valeting service depends greatly on who you go with and what package you ask for. There are some valets who can do all sorts of things such as waxing your car, removing stains from upholstery and cleaning and treating leather seats. The majority, however, do not have these capabilities and if you want to do these things you will have to do them yourself.

If you are  hoping to achieve the best price for an old vehicle, waxing it and using a clay bar on it are essential. Nothing makes a car look run down more than faded paint work an, fortunately, this can be fixed in a high percentage of cases by re waxing your car and then using a clay bar on it. With advances in the chemistry of car wax over the last twenty years waxing your car is now far easier than it used to be and even a first timer can achieve an effect that is appealing to the eye just by following the instructions on the packet.

Before you do this, applying T-Cut to any minor cuts and repairing any easily repairable dents in your cars body is essential. This is another tip that can allow you to add hundreds of pounds to your car’s value. By hammering out minor dents and repairing cuts that you can repair cheaply you improve the look of your car no end and thus improve a buyer’s willingness to buy.

After you’ve cleaned up the outside of your car the next step is the outside. Needless to say, it’s necessary to throw out any old car mats and give a good vacuum to the carpeting and upholstery as well as washing any stains or dust off the dashboard with a moist cloth.