Claiming back road tax after selling

When selling to a private buyer it is not always easy to claim back road tax after you have sold a car. The reason for this is that in order to do so you will need to remove the tax disk from the car before your buyer takes it off you. Unless you are meeting up on the buyer’s drive way they are not likely to be happy with this as it makes it illegal for them to drive it home. As such, it is advisable for those who are hoping to reclaim the road tax on a car to drive their buyer to their house in the car.

Once you have taken the tax disk from your car you will ten be able to claim back the road tax for the months that you have pre-paid but not used. The way this works is that a tax disk is paid for one year in advance and so if you sell your car before one year is up you will be able to reclaim the road tax for the rest of the months of the year. You will only be able to claim for months that have not already begun, however, so in order to claim back a month you will need to send off the disk before the first day of that month.

The process of reclaiming road tax is quite simple and involves filling out a form that you can find on the DVLA website and sending it off with the tax disk attached. The form will ask for simple details of your car and the date of the sale and not for much more than this. You will then send it off by the first post to the DVLA’s central offices in Swansea. You can either obtain this form from the DVLA website or from certain types of post office. The form is called V14 ‘Application for a refund of vehicle tax when you have the tax disc’.

If you have managed to lose your tax disc, however, it will still be possible for you to apply for a refund but you will have to fill out a slightly different form called the V33 ‘Application for a refund of vehicle tax when the tax disc is missing’. The only way to obtain this form is to call the DVLA Customer Services line on 0300 790 6802 or, if you do not have a telephone, you can do this by visiting your local DVLA offices.

The process on both these occasions is slightly different than when a car is stolen. Someone whose car has been stolen can still apply for a road tax refund but will need to provide details of the crime, such as the official police reference number, on a V33 form obtained in the same way detailed above. They must also wait a minimum of 7 days from the date of the crime before applying. The reason for this is that a high percentage of vehicles are recovered and returned to the owner within seven days and so it is important to wait this period out, making sure that no-one’s time is wasted terminating the road tax on a car only to reinstate it.