Citroen Value

Citroën have a reputation of producing good quality cars for over 90 years now. Their cars can retain value well although this really depends on the model and factors like model refreshes can negatively affect the value of cars made prior to the refresh. The best way of finding a value is to use our registration plate tool which will give you more accurate data for your individual car than we can do in this article.

One of the most popular Citroën cars isn’t exactly a car at all. The Citroen Berlingo is a panel van favoured by many who need extra space for things like pets or holiday equipment. These tend to hold their value well as people tend to buy them for their utility rather than their design, so a 2012 model second hand will go for about £9500 while a 2011 model only £500 less, dropping only by another £500 for the 2010, another £500 bringing it to £7500 for the 2009 model, before falling a little bit more for the 2008 version which sells for roughly £6000 second hand.

One of the most popular Citroens at the moment is their ‘city car’ the Citroen C1. This small car is great for school runs and doing the weekly shopping as also retains its value quite well. The 2012 model second hand goes for a bit over £7000 while the previous years model fetches around £500 less, and the 2010 model £500 less again. The 2009 version will bring you about £5500, falling to £5000 for the 2008 model. The increments of the yearly falls remain around £500 so 2007 is about £4500 and if you’ve got a 2006 model you might get about £4000 for it second hand.

The main small family car of the Citroen family is the C4 which saw a refresh in 2008/9, but this doesn’t seem to have had a large effect on the drops in these years which are pretty consistent with the rest of the C4 brand. As always if you want a personalised valuation use our form that starts with your registration plate. A 2012 model of the Citroen C4 will get you about £14,000 second hand, falling by £2000 for the 2011 model. This again will fall by £2500 for the 2010 model to £9500 and to about £7500 for the 2009 model. These are reasonably large value drops, but luckily it stabilises from here on it being about £6500 for the 2008 model, £5500 for the 2007 model and about £4000 for both the 2006 and 2005 models.

The C5 meanwhile will get you about £15,500 for the 2011 model, £12,000 for the 2010 model, £9000 if you have one made in 2009 and £8000 for one produced in 2008. Lower down the numbers a Citroen C3 made in 2012 is worth about £10,000 on the second hand market, one from 2010 about £8000, about £5500 in 2008 and £4000 in 2006. For other cars it’s best to use our free valuation too using the registration plate number form found on this page.