Audi Value

Audi are a German automotive company founded and headquartered in Bavaria and well-known for the Audi, Lamborghini and Ducati brands. As a German brand, they typically age quite well and can preserve their value for a lot longer than many of their American counterparts even though the cars are nowadays mostly assembled in China, Indonesia and India. The Audi brand itself mostly consists of the Audi A-series, R-series, Q-series and the Audi TT sports car, all of which tend to reduce in value at different rates over time. It is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group.


The Audi TT sports car, for instance, tends to lose its value the quickest of all the above. This is likely because when most people buy a sports car they are hoping to attain the kind of prestige that will not come from driving a used car or a sports car from a few seasons ago. As such, an Audi TT bought in 2002 is now worth just £5,065 in comparison with the same car bought in 2012 which retains a used car value of roughly £28,801. The means in ten years it is likely to see a reduction of roughly 80% in value. The Audi TT is produced in Gyor Hungary with body shells manufactured in the main factory in Ingolstadt, Germany.


Meanwhile, the Audi A4 fares slightly better over time. The used value of an A4 bought in 2012 is around £27,931 which is comparable with that of the Audi TT. However, buying an Audi A4 made in 2003 will set you back just £4,520 on average. Although the numbers may seem similarly steep to those for the Audi TT on the face of it although actually it is a smaller reduction in value as a percentage than that of the Audi TT.


As a rule, most of the Audis we looked at will lose at least half of their value within the first four years of ownership. However, one notable exception is the Audi Coupe. A 2012 model can be bought used for around £31,729 while a 2008 model retains £22,782  of its value, well over the half way mark.


Overall, Audi cars age far better than Fords as a brand but not quite as well as a Japanese brand like Toyota or Honda might age and not as well as other German luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz. There are also a number of Audi brands which have not been around long enough to see how well they will preserve their value over time. These include the Q3 released in 2012 and currently selling for around £29,018 and the A8, the 2011 models of which are selling for £35,597 compared with £47,554 for a 2012 model. The Audi A7 is one a similar timescale and has similar figures costing roughly the same for a used 2011 model. However, as it retailed for a lower price in the first place this means that it is preserving its value slightly better than the A8 is.